Graco Funes – Mortgage Loan Specialist iLoan

An award-winning mortgage expert and real estate developer, Graco Funes has spent 15 years as a passionate and knowledgeable advocate for his clients. He now brings his expertise as a mortgage specialist to iLoan Home Mortgage.

Known for excellent communication skills and a commitment to client needs, Graco understands the importance of walking both first-time homebuyers and seasoned real estate purchasers through the lending process with speed and ease.

Graco possesses an in-depth understanding of a variety of financing options, including conventional, non-conventional and FHA loans. His goal has always been to make the complicated lending process simple for clients to understand.

A lifelong Chicagoan, Graco made his first real estate deal at age 18, and he hasn’t stopped since. As the chief executive officer of Ocarg Development Group, Graco purchases and renovates real estate investments throughout Chicago and its suburbs, taking care to inject innovative design into the properties he develops while maintaining the structural beauty that is intrinsic to Chicago architecture.

Graco’s work with people in every aspect of real estate, including realtors, attorneys and title company staffers, ensures he gives clients the very best care and service with each loan.

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